Newsletter - 0717-01
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Issue #0717
Top Articles
Smashing the Stigma with Science
Are investors right to steer clear from cannabis research? Neil Mahapatra believes that his collaboration with Oxford University shows how prosperous cannabinoid research can be.
Calling for ANDA Action
Abbreviated New Drug Applications can take 10 months to be approved by the FDA. Streamlining the process could decrease that time to just 90 days, and result in lower drug prices. Girish Malhotra outlines how this can be achieved.
A Sniff of Success for Small Particles
Crossing the blood-brain barrier to deliver drugs has always been a challenging feat, but a simple solution may lie with drug-filled nanoparticles inhaled through the nasal pathway.
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Video App Note
Continuous chromatography for the purification of biomolecules
There is a growing interest in the development of continuous biomanufacturing systems to increase productivity and reduce costs. While continuous upstream processing has been established for years, researchers are now working on continuous downstream unit operations. The application note shows the method transfer from batch to continuous chromatography for a mAb capture step.
White Papers
Using Morphologi particle characterization system to automate Quality Control microscope methods
In Quality Control procedures, many pharmaceutical companies rely on microscope-based analyses to identify, qualify and quantify solid particles meeting specified size criteria. Often, manual microscope methods involve time-consuming procedures and are open to human subjectivity variations. The Morphologi can automate methods, thus speeding up the analysis time and reducing error.
Measuring the Particle Size and Concentration of Adeno-Associated Virus using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
In this application note, we describe a novel method to rapidly measure the size and concentration of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV), utilizing the Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) technique and a gold labeling method. By labeling AAV capsids with gold nanoparticles, we could determine the virus concentration and aggregation state.
Special Promos
Making the Media of the Future – Today
Biopharma manufacturing continues to advance, and the demand for new innovations – such as cell culture media that can cope with a range of processes, especially intensified perfusion at steady state – is constant.
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